About Us

Melink (previousely Wiselink) Law Firm Shanghai was established in Nov. 2008.

Its main practice field focuses on commercial dispute resolution, as well as 

litigation and non-litigation legal services in the fields of Internet+, intellectual 

property, competition law, foreign investment, etc. And specialized in 

foreign-related legal business such as international trade, logistics and 

insurance. We have extensive experience in litigation and arbitration, and our 

main lawyers have more than 15 years of experience in commercial litigation 


We have always maintained close communication and good cooperative 

relations with domestic courts, government agencies and major arbitration 

institutions. Our firm has deep local resources and network resources in 

Shanghai and surrounding areas. Melink keeps enjoying good reputation in the fields of legal services. 

We are proficient in using English as the working language, and rich practical experience makes our lawyers have a strong ability in foreign-related legal services. The main contents of the service include:

Commercial Litigation:

Contract disputes, intellectual property infringement, anti-unfair competition, computer software development, international trade disputes, insurance subrogation disputes, etc.

International Trade:

Foreign trade agency contracts, International Contracts for the sale of goods, processing trade, compensation trade, trade financing, trade-related intellectual property rights, etc.

Maritime and maritime business:

Delivery without bill of lading, cargo damage difference, charter party, time charter party, bareboat charter party, shipbuilding party, repair party, ship mortgage and financing, demurrage, common and separate average, bill of lading dispute, ship arrest, maritime guarantee, cargo lien, maritime injunction, freight forwarder, ship insurance, cargo insurance, etc.

International financial area:

Letters of credit, guarantee/reserve, collection, Forfaiting, factoring, drafts, promissory notes and cheques, trade financing, foreign exchange management, external guarantees, foreign debt management, insurance, international syndicated loans, etc.

Other international and domestic legal matters:

Our firm also has extensive experience in foreign investment, company law, labor law, civil law and commercial law, tort liability law, criminal law and other fields.