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Paul Madruga

Legal counsel

Paul Madruga(Legal counsel)


Paul Madruga Legal Adviser

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Mr. Paul Madruga has more than 20 years of experience in the US, including clients, businesses and companies. Mr. Madruga's main areas of practice cover commercial, economic, trade and corporate law, focusing on dispute resolution and litigation.

Mr. Madruja represents the affairs and disputes of companies and companies in the United States and Asia, including litigation in commercial courts and state courts, commercial negotiations, commercial advice, mediation and arbitration. He has first-hand experience dealing directly with corporate board and executive affairs, and has extensive knowledge of corporate and international business.

In 2003, Mr. Madruga became a senior partner at the law firm of Madruga & Patel, Wang, California, where he represented Asian companies in the US and China. As a legal advisor, Mr. Madruja participated in a controversial and complex litigation case. The case is about international trade disputes between a Chinese company and its US subsidiaries and its Chinese company executives, involving commercial fraud, misappropriation of intellectual property and trade secrets.

The case filed suit in the northern and southern parts of California, Taiwan, and mainland China. Mr. Madruga personally went to Taiwan to conduct a three-day forensic examination of LEOCO's chairman, Mr. Leo Ho. Although the case was finally settled after trial, a series of cases related to the case were successively prosecuted, involving some individuals in China, a Sino-US joint venture law firm and executives of LEOCO. The dispute lasted for four years and there were three appeals during the period. In the end, the four-month jury trial gave a judgment in favor of the interests of the clients represented by Mr. Madruga.