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Yao Ying

Senior lawyer

Yao Ying(Senior lawyer)

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Mr. Yao have participated in criminal defense since 1980, and in March 1982. Mr. Yao was qualified as a lawyer by the higher judicial department. Over the past 30 years, Mr. Yao  have handled countless criminal cases and accumulated a wealth of criminal defense experience. Mr. Yao is good at criminal defense.

He graduated from the Economics Department of Xiamen University in 1968 with a background in economic knowledge, which helps to handle various economic disputes. He has practiced as a long-term lawyer, has served as a legal advisor to dozens of companies, has represented thousands of economic disputes, and has accumulated a wealth of experience in handling cases and has strong ability to handle cases.

Dedicated service to the parties is his constant creed. It is his firm position to do every legal thing with heart. Based on "good faith" is my solemn promise!