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Alex Zhuo


Alex Zhuo(lawyer)

Lawyer Alex Zhuo 
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Mr. Zhuo is a senior lawyer of the Institute. He has rich experience in practice and is characterized by his thoughtful thinking, calm and thoughtful thinking.
Mr. Zhuo believes that the legal status of human beings in their property and personality is the main form of personal legal rights, and thus the various external relations with each other, such as labor disputes arising from employment, marriage and family disputes, and infringement-related Personal injury and personality rights violations, equity derived from investment, borrowing, etc., are the main source of legal issues and legal disputes. Mr. Zhuo has closely focused on all these points and has effectively formed his own handling characteristics.
In terms of corporate legal services, the lawyers focus on the business contract disputes, intellectual property rights, corporate legal persons (equity, infringement) and other fields, and have rich practical experience and theoretical support in both non-litigation and litigation.

The cases in which lawyers are involved mainly focus on:

1. Occupational diseases, work injury identification and claims in labor disputes;

2. Medical disputes and traffic injuries in personal injury;

3. Construction tendering, construction legal services, especially the process management of visas and claims;

4. The general civil legal service involves the division of divorce property, the division and gift of real estate property rights.

5. Various corporate legal affairs