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Lawyer Marra Wan
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In November 2008, Ms. Wan  founded Shanghai Lechuan Law Firm (formerly known as Shanghai Wanxiaofang Law Firm).

Prior to this, Ms. Wan worked as a partner of Shanghai Huisheng Law Firm and served as a full-time lawyer for more than 10 years. Ms. Wan worked in a professional foreign trade company for two years as a manager of the import and export department; she also served as the legal department manager of Shanghai's well-known building materials company Anxin Group for nearly four years. 

In October 2009, Ms. Wan was elected to the Shanghai Maritime Law Research Committee of the Shanghai Bar Association. These work experience have enabled Ms. Wan to have a deep understanding of foreign trade import and export practices, including letters of credit, collection and other international settlement methods, bills, international sales contracts, export packaging, international trade terms, shipping and insurance, bills of lading, etc. She also made her deeper involvement in the business operation mode of large-scale production enterprises in China. Her legal work goes deep into production and processing, OEM production, product identification, total distribution and distribution, trademark registration and licensing, patent application and Protection, after-sales service, factory and retail leasing, advertising, transportation and logistics, supermarket and engineering sales, insurance, labor and personnel management, financing, overseas investment and other services.

Since practicing as a professional lawyer, Marra Wan has provided legal services to dozens of companies. Her main business is international trade law, maritime maritime business, foreign investment and financing. Her main work includes:

1. The agent company participates in international commercial/maritime arbitration, including application for arbitration, document disclosure and prosecution, evidence cross-examination, domestic court application for enforcement of arbitral awards, etc.;

2. Handling domestic trade-related disputes, including international trade contract performance, foreign trade agency, letter of credit, bill of exchange disputes, etc.; guiding international trade operations, such as entrepot trade, back-to-back letter of credit arrangements, proper use of international trade terms, etc.;

3. Handling maritime business cases, including bills of lading, chartering, cargo retention, insurance claims, and arrests;

4. Provide foreign direct investment legal services, including the establishment of joint ventures, wholly-owned companies, mergers and acquisitions of domestic enterprises, etc.; provide overseas investment legal services. Advising the company on cross-border investment, international tax avoidance advice and operations, including selection of global headquarters locations, international trade arrangements, bank settlement arrangements, planning and registration of offshore companies, domestic foreign exchange policies, and equity among international holding companies Design, etc.

5. Representing various types of litigation cases in China, including filing a lawsuit, replying, appearing in court, cross-examination, counterclaim, applying for property preservation, filing an appeal, and applying for enforcement.

6. Act as a perennial legal counsel for large companies and make legal advice on day-to-day operations and management.

Mr. Wan graduated from the Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade and obtained a master's degree in international economic law. She also obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Languages. She maintains close ties with arbitration institutions in the UK, Hong Kong, the United States, and Sweden, and maintains close working relationships with law firms in Brazil, Macau, the United Kingdom, the United States, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, and Canada. Lawyer Ms. Wan  is now a legal expert of the Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association and a member of the International Legal Experts Group of the Wenzhou International Chamber of Commerce. Ms. Wan's native language is Chinese and he speaks fluent English.
Ms. Wan   has been highly praised by customers for his serious, responsible and rigorous work style.