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Lawyer Li Ming

Lawyer Li Ming
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Mr. Li Ming graduated from East China University of Political Science and Law with a bachelor's degree in law. He is a full-time lawyer of Melink law firm and member of Shanghai Bar Association. Entered Shanghai Xinfengjin Expressway Construction and Development Co., Ltd in 2005, mainly engaged in the company's contract, labor affairs and the handling of litigation affairs in the region and other legal work. In 2008, he entered the Shanghai branch of Gaopeng law firm as an assistant lawyer, in 2013 he entered the Shanghai source law firm as a full-time lawyer, and in 2019 he entered the Melink law firm as a full-time lawyer.

Mr. Li Ming is experienced in litigation and has handled hundreds of litigation disputes. He serve as a number of enterprises perennial legal counsel, to help enterprises to deal with corporate contracts, labor and personnel and other legal matters, its professional quality is trusted by the customer.

Areas of excellence: economic contracts, construction projects, labor and personnel, etc.