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Melink Law firm and Panama's P & A Law firm’s cooperate.

In March 2019, the cooperation invitation issued by the Pardini & Asociados Law Firm, Panama.

Pardini & Asociados is an international law firm with headquarters in Panama with 35 years of tradition advising foreign clients and corporations of all sizes. The firm has offices in Panama, Switzerland, Cyprus, Belize, BVI and Seychelles.

The firm was founded in 1982 in Panama with an original practice in Corporate law, Commercial law, Trust law, and Maritime law, which still continues today. Pardini & Asociados acted and assisted clients in different and important projects such as container port acquisition, electricity generation, mining joint venture, airport privatization, merger of oil companies, island resort hotel & marina, real estate development, airline acquisition, information technology, water and infrastructure projects.

Melink Law firm and Pardini & Asociados Law firm will have a cooperate on legal business between China and Panama.



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