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Regulations on the Prepaid Consumption Card for Single-purpose in Shanghai and the Relevant Implementation Measures



Regulations on the Prepaid Consumption Card for Single-purpose in Shanghai and the Relevant Implementation Measures


In recent years, the prepaid card complaints related to the news is not uncommon, consumers recharge "high price" beauty cards but was deceived, bought restaurant prepaid card and fitness card but encountered the boss "disappear".


Provisions of Shanghai Municipality on the Administration of Single-purpose prepaid consumer Cards, which was formally implemented in Shanghai on January 1st this year, and Measures of Shanghai Municipality on the Administration of single-purpose prepaid consumer Cards, which was formally implemented on May 1st to standardize the use and management of this kind of prepaid card.The single-purpose prepaid card mentioned here, that is, the fitness card, the beauty card, the restaurant recharge card,  we usually called and so on.Tickets for performances, moon cake collection tickets, etc., belong to tickets for payment of specific commodities, not included in the scope of single-purpose prepaid cards.


These two legal provisions provide, inter alia, for the following:

First of all, the operator is required to establish the corresponding business processing system; the card issue, payment, advance receipt of funds and other information accurate, complete upload to the collaborative supervision service platform; provide a single-purpose card charter; sign a written card purchase contract with consumers; provide consumers with balance, transaction records and other information query, and so on. In this way, the operator will fail or bankrupt, consumers could know it in advance and prevent them from running away with the money.

Secondly, the consumers could query the balance of single use card through the platform, transaction record information, basic information of the operator, request to continue to perform or refund, and they have the right to report complaints. According to the degree of violation of the operator, the serious violators may be included in the list of subjects of serious breach of trust, accept administrative punishment, and may even be punished by criminal punishment. Blacklisted violators can not issue card

s again, the company and personal’s credit will also be affected.