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How to apply for Non-criminal Certificate by the foreigners who ever lived in China ?


A foreigner who had continuously lived in China for over 6 months, may apply for the Non-criminal Certificate in China.

Generally speaking the following documents will be required for the applicaiton,


1.Temporary Accommodation Registration Form stamped by the Police Station in China;

2.The scanned every page of your Passport stamped by the Chinese Entry-Exit Bureau; 

3.Work Permit or Graduation Certificate in China if you have;

4.Copy of Residential Tenancy Agreement;

5.Original Power of Attorney.


Chinese Non-criminal Certificate is issued by the local Police Station or Notary Public Office. The certificate normally can be obtained within one month if the application documents are well prepared.In most cities the certificate only covers that specific city instead of China.

The certificate cant be released if the continuous living time of the applicant is shorter than 6 months. 


Just for information, the visa type has no connection with the application of Non-criminal Certificate.


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