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ICP License guarantees the legality of Internet operations

With the rapaid development of the Internet, more and more global transactions are carried out through the network platform. In order to operate legally under the Internet, many enterprises will be required to apply for ICP license, so what is ICP and which companies need to apply it?

In recent years, the competition of e-commerce platforms has intensified in the world. Under the Internet economy, network operations have become the main battlefield for business development. For how to protect our main battlefield and develop steadily, any industry must operate legally . However,the ICP License is the basis for ensuring the legality of Internet operations.

In China, the company must obtain an ICP license which planning to engage in related Internet operations. According to the Administrative Measures for Internet Information Services and Notice on the Permit and Filing of Internet Information Services, operating websites must obtain an ICP license, otherwise it is an illegal operation .


What is ICP License?

The telecommunications and information service business license of the People's Republic of China (Hereinafter as “ICP license”) refers to the certificate applied by the sponsor of a general business website to the local county. The content of the business is mainly online advertising,paid provision of specific information content, E-commerce and other online application services. ICP license is required by law for each company's website.


What business does the company need to apply for ICP license?

To provide paid information services through the Internet, including online sales, game members, website advertising, paid news, web page production, online payment, advertising investment, member fees, enterprise cooperation, project bidding, etc., ICP business license is required.


Information required to apply for ICP license:

1. Copy of business license of the company; 

2. ID card of legal representative and shareholder;

3. The articles of association of the company ; 

4. Social security certificate of three people in recent three months; 

5. ID card, mobile phone and email address of the company's personnel;

6. The company's landline, legal person's mobile phone and email; 

7. Website domain name certificate; 

8. Website server trust agreement and IDC / ISP qualification of server provider; 

9. Certificate of office space of the company (required by Guangdong Province); 

10. Website and website evaluation report (required by Guangdong Province); 

11. Other materials required.