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Melink Law firm and India's Khurana & Khurana (K&K) Law firm’s cooperate

In June 2019, Melink received an email from Khurana & Khurana (K&K), an Indian law firm, saying they wanted to visit Melink in July and discuss cooperation.

Khurana & Khurana (K&K) was established in the year 2007 with an aim of providing cutting edge and high quality consistent End-to-End Legal Services in Intellectual Peoperty and Corporate Legal Matters in Indian. K&K is an accomolished full service IP and Commercial Law Firm with over 11 years of core practice in all types of Core Litigation issues such as in Infringement Proceesings, Non-Payment of dues, Breach of contract, NCLT proceedingd, Commercial Disputes, Domain  Names Disputes, Arbitations, among other commercial issues.

On July 3rd, Melink hosted Ms. Prigya Arora of the K&K.. Through friendly communication between the two sides, Melink Law firm will have a cooperate on legal business between China and India.



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