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Melink and’s cooperate to protect the enterprise from going out


On August 9, 2019, Ms. Jiang Yan, president of the operation center of the, visited the Law Firm in Shanghai, and conducted friendly communication with the founder, Marra Won, to discuss how to provide professional legal services for the enterprise to go out better.


As an international commercial law service platform, the has brought together more than 2,000 domestic and foreign lawyers from over 90 countries in the world. These lawyers have been strictly examined, with deep legal skills and rich experience in foreign commercial law practice, could solve the problem that enterprises cannot find foreign lawyers. Melink Law firm was founded in November 2008, especially good at international trade, logistics insurance and other foreign-related legal business, the main lawyers have more than 15 years of foreign-related commercial litigation service experience. As early as March 2019, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Melink Law firm. Lawyer Marra Won, director of the law firm, said she looked forward to working with the international commercial legal service platform to escort the company.