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Melink Law firm and JR ROSAS LAW FIRM’s cooperate

In October 2019, the cooperation invitation issued by the JR ROSAS LAW FIRM.


JR ROSAS LAW FIRM is an Intellectual Property Law Firm that handle Trademarks and Patents in the Dominican Republic and International. Offering Business law and Corporative law services to clientes.

By taking a hands on approach to client’s specific legal needs, they work to ensure that client’s best interests will be protected through any legal matter, including those related to:

Trademarks / New applications / Renewals / Watching.

Patent & Designs / New applications / Renewals / Watching.

Business Law / Investment / Mergers and Acquisitions.


Melink Law firm and JR ROSAS LAW FIRM will have a cooperate on legal business.



Tel  :  (809) 378-9466

Fax :   (809) 221-6415


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