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Melink Law firm and CL CHOW & MACKSION CHAN, SOLICITORS’ cooperate

In September 2019, Melink received an email from Lawyer Sam in CL CHOW & MACKSION CHAN, SOLICITORS,  indicating that he wanted to cooperate with Melink Law Firm.

CL CHOW & MACKSION CHAN, SOLICITORS is based in Hong Kong, China. They have vast experience in cross-border legal works. Their areas of practice include: litigation, arbitration and mediation; commercial work; merger and acquisition; securities and capital market; investment fund; conveyancing; banking law; international trade; housing development, construction law, mining and energy law. They have representation in the country and has legal links with law firms in other countries and regions around the world such as Singapore, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, the United States and the British Virgin Islands (Virgin Islands), the Cayman Islands and Jersey.


Both sides jointly decided to cooperate on the Mainland, the Hong Kong region and the foreign-related legal business.