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Melink Law Firm Provides the Trademark Registration Agency Services

一、For foreign enterprises or individuals to apply for trademark registration, the service charges of our law firm are as follows :

1The total charge is RMB 3650 for foreign enterprises or individuals to apply for trademark registration , including the agency service fee of our firm RMB 3300 , offical fees of RMB 300 ( limited to 10 products items , if there are more than 10 items , the Trademark Office will charge and additional RMB 30 for each additional item fees) ,and miscellaneous fees RMB 50 .

2The total charge is RMB 4000 , if the registration is successful in the later period , a fee of RMB 350 additional will be charged for the certificate in addition to the above fees.

二、For trademark application, the following materials are required:

1A copy of the business license of the company (Corporation Certificate , a copy of the business license with official seal is required);

2 Designed trademark image (PDF or JPG format, which is clear,and the size is between 5cm*5cm—10cm*10cm)

3Specific categories and item details;

4After the information is complete, our firm will prepare an application form and a power of attorney that need to be sealed and signed for you;

5Contact’s name, address, zip code, telephone number and fax.