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Melink Law Firm and Lex Law Firm to Carry out Cooperation

In July 2020, the cooperation invitation issued by the Lex Law Firm.

Lex Law Firm , formerly known as "MohamdeYehia Law Firm" , was established in Cairo in 2009 . Lex Law Firm is on contact with different law firms in a lot of areas as Saudi Arabia,Kuwait,UAE,Sweden,Netherlands,Ireland,UK and so on , which to provide clients with a full range of professional legal services in commercial law,corporate law and intellectual property . The Firm providesits Clients with specialized services in the following areas of expertise :General Corporate and Capital Market Transactions,trademarks,patent,dispute resolution and litigation, taxation,contract drafting,etc.

Melink Law Firm will continue to corperate with Lex Law Firm on the relevant legal matters.

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